Warning: objects may appear more fabulous than they are

Shan started making The Peons and other comics in 2006, after a complete and utter mental breakdown. She was agoraphobic for 6 years, suffering from treatment-resistant depression, crippling anxiety and panic attacks. Drawing comics kept her sane alive (she has never been sane). So, between 2006 and 2011 she made over 500 pages of comics.

After giving up on psychiatrists and medication, Shan fought hard to find her own treatment and change the way she thought. With the help of 4000 mg of fish oil a day for one year and a change in diet*, Shan slowly improved and was able to leave the house. She cured her depression (although treatment needs to continue). She got a job, returned to college, seriously rocked college hard as a student leader and graduated with two degrees: BS in Computer Science and BA in Japanese (do it for the study abroad!). She currently works as a software engineer.

Now, she is unstoppable and fearless.

Dietary changes: low carb, low sugar, NO DAIRY, no caffeine, no alcohol, lots of vegetables and chicken. These can be integrated back into the diet once your brain is healthy and thoughts are under control.