The single has yet to be released, but here is the full song. Meryl’s agent says it needs some minor adjustments as it seems to make no sense after a certain point, but he’s sure that if Antarctica had a radio station they would totally play it.

Oh, Antarctica,
We’re made of ice
but we’re not cold
we may be barren
but we are bold

we have penguins
and penguins
and penguins

and, y’know,
we also
got snow
and snow
and snow

Oh, Oh, Oh,
Are you feeling sexy baby?
Let’s get hot in the coolest place
Take it on down to penguin town
Bring a sweater just in case

Four-legged angel in the snow
Steam rises all around
My heart’s not the only thing that likes to pound

Oh, Oh, Oh,
Are you feeling chilly baby?
Hey my skin is getting pretty raw
And those penguins are starting to stare
I hope that thing will be able to thaw

Maybe let’s go home now,
Is it gonna be okay?
All the good doctors are far away…

Oh, Antarctica,
We may be frozen,
but we’re not cold
We may be back,
If we are bold

After all,
you’ve got that
and snow
and snow

And we love
and penguins
and penguins…